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Waybill Printing Setup
A.  Select The "Page Setup" Option In Your Browser.
This will be found on the FILE menu in most browsers.  You may have to select PRINT PREVIEW first.  Then within the preview, select PAGE SETUP.
B.  Delete The Contents Of The "Header"And "Footer" Fields.
The Header and Footer fields will likely contain a string of characters such as, "&W&u&P..",  or something similar.  Simply delete all that you find in either text box.  You will be removing the instructions to number the page, and print the file name and  URL.  This will allow the 3 copies to print on 1 piece of paper with adequate spacing between waybills.
This setting will affect printing from within your current browser when you select FILE print, or press CTL-P.  This will not affect any other printing. You will only need to do this once.